Currently Recruitment Is Open

We are currently recruiting. To expedite recruitment please apply via the application, then contact one of our recruiters in game below.

GratefulDeadLotSon Malukker

Ezekiel Amann

YOU WILL DIE IN WORMHOLE SPACE. I make this sentence one of the pitch because you need to make peace with that fact. You will, however, be taught to make enough money so you won’t care about your losses.

You will also need near-psychotic levels of patience, we don’t do F1 Monkey fleets. You will be required to use your head and work hard here, this truly is Eve on Hard mode. We will sometimes cloak up and wait hours for our prey.

We need pilots with the following skills at a minimum.

All armor skills at 4

Amarr Frigate and Cruiser at 3’s

Gallente Frigates and Cruiser at 3’s

Cloaking 4

All Drones skills at 4 preferably.

These skills are negotiable but you will likely struggle to survive without them more so than usual. Death is guaranteed in wormhole space. Don’t apply unless you are okay with that, this is, of course, Eve on HARD mode.

We now require pilots with a somewhat established killboard, we’re not concerned how skilled you are, we just want to know we are recruiting someone that is going to be out looking for content and victims.

We live in a Class 2 wormhole that is constantly connected to HighSec and a Class 3. We choose to live in Class 2 because that is where you’ll find the most targets usually. It allows us a path up the chain and out to normal space at a whim.

We will teach you how to make money and be wealthy so you can afford the best ships.

Your stuff will always be safe with us as we have several citadels you may choose to live in, in our home system.

Carebears need not apply, we are looking for Hunters who will actively engage the Corp lifestyle of stalking the dark looking for victims.

TeamSpeak 3 Comms and Correct use of Siggy is required for all corp mates, these are non-negotiable. Please contact us if interested and we’ll answer any questions you have.


~ Ezekiel Amann, Personnel Director.

AAR – Phoenix

This kill was done a while ago but I thought it would be a good idea to do an after action report anyways.

It started out with Liam Polzl who jumped into Odin (our c3 static) and dropped probes to scan but instead found a Phoenix on ‘D-scan’. At first we thought it was an empty ship in a POS  but Liam pinpointed down a sleeper site with wrecks in it. He warped to it and much to his surprise he found a piloted Phoenix class dreadnought finishing up the site. The Phoenix quickly noticed the probes Liam had earlier dropped and warped off to his POS. The Phoenix pilot spoke out in local something along the lines of I’ve finished off that site if you want to crack the cans.

We decided to stake the hole in case he decided to bring out his ship again. After about 30 minutes we decided it was a bust so I logged in my out of corp alt character in hopes of tricking the pilot out of the safety of his POS.

The character was relatively new with a docile looking killboard so I decided to play the naive wormhole explorer. I brought an uncloaked scanning ship into Odin and started cracking the can in the sleeper site. The dread pilot did not seem to make a peep so I resorted to starting a private conversation with him.

I introduced myself as a player new to eve wanting to explore wormholes and make some isk. He was very friendly and seemed to want to help a new player out with the game so he took out his dreadnought and showed it off to me. I slip in to conversation that there was one site left in the system but it was full of rats so I couldn’t hack it. And like a child wanting to show off his new toy to his friend he quickly offered to clear the site for me.

By now we have called out friends We’re Happy In Wormhole Space to come quickly and seed into the hole for a possible dread kill. The majority of the backup fleet was still 4 or more systems away from the worm hole so I quickly stalled for time and said I had to go do my laundry and he also had to AFK for a while which was perfect. This bought enough time for the whole fleet to enter the system and warp to the site cloaked, ready to pounce upon the Phoenix as soon as he warps in.

Five long restless minutes later the pilot messaged that he was back. I tell him the signature ID of the site and he quickly assures me he will clear out the baddies so I can hack the site. The dread pilot initiated a warp to the site in his colossal capital ship, all I could do then was wait anxiously and watch as the ship slowly accelerated to warp speed. I followed in with him to watch the cage fall down upon my prey. Being the helpful player that he was he told me to warp off so the sleepers don’t kill me. He quickly found himself surrounded by decloaking interdiction ships and caught inside their warp disruption field.

The call was made on comms to jump into Odin and warp to the interdiction ships to begin sieging the Phoenix down. The fight was long and took us quite a while to get the battlefield sorted with the dreadnought launching volleys of missiles at our ships while the sleeper ships in the site bombarded out fleet. We tragically lost a couple of ships initially to bad positioning and sleeper aggro but we promptly set the field up in our favor. But even with someone pulling the sleeper aggro far off the main fleet, the Phoenix capital ship still was doing devastatingly large amounts of damage to our ships, keeping our logistics pilots on their toes. After a long intense battle the tenacious Phoenix, ablaze in a glorious barrage of missiles, plasma and projectiles, finally broke shield and succumbed to the fleet’s massive firepower.

Many thanks to We’re Happy In Wormholes Space pilots for quickly forming up a formidable fleet in such a short notice, most importantly props to Phoenix pilot DDrueding Haginen for being such a good sport.

[01:56:02] DDrueding Haginen > Never had a PvP kill before, appreciate the opportunity

[02:19:34] DDrueding Haginen > GF guys.

[02:19:37] DDrueding Haginen > Very fun.

Reddit Post



Raw Paste of conversation between Alt and DDrueding


AAR – Vargur

Having just logged in to our home wormhole, I get a quick update, Vargur on our highsec with scanning probes out. The Vargur was slow boating off the wormhole and so a quick gank squad was formed. Just as we were about to pounce he warped to our static C3 and jumped, so we swapped out to BNI’s and a bubble and followed. A forward scout jumped and ensured he was off “D ” before we piled in and bubbled up.

Scout tracked him to an outer planet in a Solar Cell site and so a decision was made to drop combats and scare him back to his entrance. This worked perfectly and he dropped into our bubble.

A reasonable drop made a great start to the afternoon.



AAR – Paladin

A quiet afternoon of wormhole diving found us in a shattered C4 (red giant) off Odin. Initial call from fwd scout, Paladin, Rattlesnake and Tengu on “D”, obviously no POS’s as its a shattered hole. We didn’t have enough people on to take all three, so a cloaky bomber fleet was planned at least to find the guys and establish eye contact. Slack was pinged for back-up and off we went hunting. We finally made contact with the Paladin which was chewing through the frontier barracks with ease. Aelyras logged in to help and a plan was formulated to scram him with a neut Armageddon whilst the remainder bombers decloaked at 30km range to provide the DPS. We watched the Paladin through 5 different sites as we crafted the plans for an acceptable interception. He was chewing through the final wave two battleships at about 1 min per ship. We bookmarked his MTU and waited for his last wave, 3 frigates vaporised by smart bombs, 4 cruisers wasted leaving the final 2 remaining BS’s. 1st one down, Paladin still in bastion, Armagaeddon jumped and 6AU warped to land just as the last sleeper BS went pop. Scram applied as he was out of bastion which halted his MJD and the rest is history.

Great kill, great comm’s and good organising made this happen 🙂


AAR – Ishtar

Diving around off HS, Ozz jumped into a C2 in his astero. Inside was a legion and a devoter on the hole with the exit bubbled, Ozz cloaked and burned off whilst calling for back-up. The C2 was reduced but it still had plenty of mass for us, so a mixed bubble / brutix fleet headed over. Ozz tried to lure the legion off the hole but he was not moving far, so we crashed the entrance. Initial DPS was on a stratios which had decloaked and as we applied the DPS a large fleet landed in the bubble including a bhaalgorn, scorpion, hound, manticore and ishtar. The stratios jumped and so damage was switched to the ishtar which was motoring hard to get on the exit.

As the hole had gone critical it was decided we should exit HS before they crashed the hole on us. A few GF ‘s and we left 🙂



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