AAR – Vargur

Having just logged in to our home wormhole, I get a quick update, Vargur on our highsec with scanning probes out. The Vargur was slow boating off the wormhole and so a quick gank squad was formed. Just as we were about to pounce he warped to our static C3 and jumped, so we swapped out to BNI’s and a bubble and followed. A forward scout jumped and ensured he was off “D ” before we piled in and bubbled up.

Scout tracked him to an outer planet in a Solar Cell site and so a decision was made to drop combats and scare him back to his entrance. This worked perfectly and he dropped into our bubble.


A reasonable drop made a great start to the afternoon.



AAR – Paladin

A quiet afternoon of wormhole diving found us in a shattered C4 (red giant) off Odin. Initial call from fwd scout, Paladin, Rattlesnake and Tengu on “D”, obviously no POS’s as its a shattered hole. We didn’t have enough people on to take all three, so a cloaky bomber fleet was planned at least to find the guys and establish eye contact. Slack was pinged for back-up and off we went hunting. We finally made contact with the Paladin which was chewing through the frontier barracks with ease. Aelyras logged in to help and a plan was formulated to scram him with a neut Armageddon whilst the remainder bombers decloaked at 30km range to provide the DPS. We watched the Paladin through 5 different sites as we crafted the plans for an acceptable interception. He was chewing through the final wave two battleships at about 1 min per ship. We bookmarked his MTU and waited for his last wave, 3 frigates vaporised by smart bombs, 4 cruisers wasted leaving the final 2 remaining BS’s. 1st one down, Paladin still in bastion, Armagaeddon jumped and 6AU warped to land just as the last sleeper BS went pop. Scram applied as he was out of bastion which halted his MJD and the rest is history.


Great kill, great comm’s and good organising made this happen 🙂


AAR – Ishtar

Diving around off HS, Ozz jumped into a C2 in his astero. Inside was a legion and a devoter on the hole with the exit bubbled, Ozz cloaked and burned off whilst calling for back-up. The C2 was reduced but it still had plenty of mass for us, so a mixed bubble / brutix fleet headed over. Ozz tried to lure the legion off the hole but he was not moving far, so we crashed the entrance. Initial DPS was on a stratios which had decloaked and as we applied the DPS a large fleet landed in the bubble including a bhaalgorn, scorpion, hound, manticore and ishtar. The stratios jumped and so damage was switched to the ishtar which was motoring hard to get on the exit.


As the hole had gone critical it was decided we should exit HS before they crashed the hole on us. A few GF ‘s and we left 🙂



Recruitment is open!

Stryker Industries is a PVP focused Wormhole group. We live in a C2 with a HS/C3 Static.

We are a small group of newer players and bitter vets. We have a lot of fun finding interesting and crazy fights. If you have a desire to tackle a Cap with an astero or like killing random blingy things that should not be allowed to exist then you have found the right group of crazy people.

We scan and roam from our home hole through the chain looking for targets. We will also roam out into LS/Null if juicy targets are available.

While we do focus on PvP, we also take time to make some isk to bling out our rides. This is mostly via PI, but we will run sites when we need to. If you need help making some isk, then just ask we are happy to help out, but we do not focus on PVE.

What we Offer:

  • TeamSpeak, Slack
  • Siggy (Mapping Tool)
  • People to drink beer with
  • Experienced players willing to teach and lead

What we are looking for:

  • Players with an open mind and an itchy trigger finger
  • Ability to fly AHAC, T3, or Logi
  • Full API with no expiration
  • Some PvP experience
  • FC Experience is always a bonus
  • Scanning Experience – When targets are found we make sure the one who finds it is well taken care of.

If you are newer just let us know. We are happy to take on young guns and teach you how to live in the wilds of W-Space.

If you are interested please contact us here:

  • Rellikdog Bastanold (EU , US)
  • Klara Zufall(EU)

Our public channel is Stryker_Public. Drop by and have a chat.

Eve Online Wormhole PVP