We are currently recruiting. Feel free to apply via the application, then we should be in touch as we are able.

Ezekiel Amann

YOU WILL DIE IN WORMHOLE SPACE. I make this sentence one of the pitch because you need to make peace with that fact. You will, however, be taught to make enough money so you won’t care about your losses.

You will also need near-psychotic levels of patience, we don’t do F1 Monkey fleets. You will be required to use your head and work hard here, this truly is Eve on Hard mode. We will sometimes cloak up and wait hours for our prey.

We need pilots with the following skills at a minimum.

All armor skills at 4

Amarr Frigate and Cruiser at 3’s

Gallente Frigates and Cruiser at 3’s

Cloaking 4

All Drones skills at 4 preferably.

These skills are negotiable but you will likely struggle to survive without them more so┬áthan usual. Death is guaranteed in wormhole space. Don’t apply unless you are okay with that, this is, of course, Eve on HARD mode.

We now require pilots with a somewhat established killboard, we’re not concerned how skilled you are, we just want to know we are recruiting someone that is going to be out looking for content and victims.

We live in a Class 2 wormhole that is constantly connected to HighSec and a Class 3. We choose to live in Class 2 because that is where you’ll find the most targets usually. It allows us a path up the chain and out to normal space at a whim.

We will teach you how to make money and be wealthy so you can afford the best ships.

Your stuff will always be safe with us as we have several citadels you may choose to live in, in our home system.

Carebears need not apply, we are looking for Hunters who will actively engage the Corp lifestyle of stalking the dark looking for victims.

TeamSpeak 3 Comms and Correct use of Siggy is required for all corp mates, these are non-negotiable. Please contact us if interested and we’ll answer any questions you have.


~ Ezekiel Amann, Personnel Director.

Eve Online Wormhole PVP